WCPA 2016 Annual Meeting

The Port of La Crosse will be hosting the 2016 WCPA Annual Meeting and Conference.

The WCPA Meeting and Conference provides a great opportunity to share, gather and exchange information on current issues and trends in the commercial port industry in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes.

The event begins on Wednesday at 12:15 pm and continues Thursday at 8:00 am with presentations from a distinguished list of guest speakers.

A networking event has been planned that we encourage everyone to attend… on Wednesday, August 3rd at 3:30 pm a Barge Tour of the Port of La Crosse will take place with a Loggers baseball game to follow.

Please see the full agenda and additional event information links below…

WCPA 2016 Invitation

WCPA 2016 Event Information

WCPA 2016 Meeting Agenda

WCPA 2016 Registration