L.B. White is “Manufacturer of the Year”

LADCO’s most prestigious award – the Diamond Recognition Award, also known as the “Manufacturer of the Year” Award, was presented to L.B. White at the LADCO / Coulee Bank 20th Annual Industry Appreciation Breakfast held on July 14th at the Onalaska Omni Center. L.B. White is a manufacturer of gaseous fueled, direct fired, heating equipment used in agriculture, building construction, party tent and greenhouse applications located in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Its small company, La Crosse Coolers is a manufacturer of stainless steel equipment used in bar and restaurant establishments.

Consider these facts in support of their award…

  • L.B. White’s total business volume has more than doubled in the past five years.
  • L.B. White has grown by retaining high market share as a provider of heat to North American Swine producers and significantly increasing its share to the North American Poultry Market.
  • L.B. White has also grown by expanding sales. Roughly 25% of its total heater and heater service parts business is outside of the U.S.
  • In 2016 L.B. White received patents on two products – Smart Sense variable rate heating systems for swine environments and the Oval 80 radiant heating products for poultry environments. L.B.White is rapidly becoming the heater of choice in their markets.
  • A key to L.B. White’s success is the quality and dedication to its workforce. They are proud to be a Wisconsin-based company and feel blessed to be located in the heart of “God’s Country”.
  • L.B. White has also taken a leadership role in the formation of The Upper Mississippi Manufacturer’s Alliance (TUMMA) which is helping all manufacturers in the Tri-State area.