Village of Holmen, Town of Onalaska & City of Onalaska are Recognized for Partnership

This year’s recipients of the Triangle of Achievement Award, that was presented at the 20th Annual Industry Appreciation Breakfast hosted by LADCO and Coulee Bank, are The Village of Holmen, The Town of Onalaska and The City of Onalaska for finalizing a “Boundary Agreement”.

Overall, the agreement outlines guiding principles for annexation, utility extensions and potential incorporation.

Specifically, the Inter-Municipal Boundary Agreement between the City of Onalaska, Village of Holmen and the Town of Onalaska established the following policies for relation between the parties:

  • Establish a policy of strong communication;
  • Mutual respect, consistent and equitable treatment over issues; and
  • Improved relations and cooperation efforts among the Parties.

The agreement goes on to establish areas within the Town where annexation to the City or Village are acceptable and where they are not; and to establish the terms and conditions of any such annexation over the next 10 year period of time. It resulted in the withdrawal by the Town of its pending request before the Wisconsin Department of Administration for incorporation as a village. It established a framework within which future incorporation efforts could occur, and it set a foundation for further collaboration between the three communities.

This partnership is additional proof that there is far more collaboration than discord in La Crosse County.