“Cool” Businesses in Wisconsin

Congratulations to the local nominees featured in the “Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin.” Three top contenders were selected and the winner was Harley Davidson, based out of Milwaukee, Wi. Out of the companies that participated, 13 were from the La Crosse area or surrounding regions. Please be encouraged to support these local and statewide Wisconsin based businesses.

FAST Corporation, Sparta

GoMacro, Viola

Inland, La Crosse

Millhaven Foods, New Lisbon

Namichips, La Crosse

NTM, Inc., Elroy

Pleasoning Seasoning Co., La Crosse

S&S Cycle, Viola

Sangraal Guitars, La Crosse

Mathews Inc., Sparta

Sound Devices, LLC, Reedsburg

Trane Company, La Crosse

Walker Transport, New Lisbon

GNP Company, Arcadia