San Graal Guitars Receives ‘Innovation & Diversification Grant’

LADCO congratulates San Graal Guitars (Bruno Jacquet) on receiving an ‘Innovation & Diversification Grant’ of $5,140 supported by the La Crosse County Economic Development Fund. The goal of this grant program is to assist businesses in gaining customized consulting assistance and completing innovative projects that expand product lines and/or markets and achieving greater diversification and job growth.

Within a nine-month period, San Graal Guitars will use the funds to: Introduce a new guitar product line into the market, implement an apprentice program, attend two guitar-specific marketing shows, and upgrade the San Graal Guitars website.

San Graal Guitars is the result of a 10-year research journey mostly conducted in Jacquet’s garage. In November of 2015, Bruno began a full-scale-production workshop at the Coulee Region Business Center (CRBC). “That’s our purpose… we provide the space and support needed to help innovators like Bruno turn their passion into a sustainable business,” shared Heather Johnson, the CRBC General Manager. “Their success is our success,” she added.