2ND ANNUAL LEAN SYMPOSIUM: Building the FIT Organization

The FIT Organization — Daniel Markovitz:  This presentation, based on his new book, Building the FIT Organization, presents the six core principles that will make any organization stronger, faster, and more competitive. By re-framing continuous improvement as a journey towards organizational fitness, it provides a non-alienating cognitive and cultural on-ramp for building the FIT Organization.

Six Core Principles to the FIT Organization:

  • Improve organizational performance
  • How to use targeted interventions
  • The benefits of targeted coaching based on lean principles
  • Discovering the level and type of employee engagement required
  • How to target an immediate solution to a business problem
  • Ways to develop broader internal skills and capabilities

This highly interactive seminar will provide an opportunity to learn about the FIT Organization while participating in hands-on workshops. Under the guidance of Dan Markovitz, each participant will develop their own action plan based on the six core principles, which can be easily implemented upon returning to work.


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