Flight Training Technologies is Honored with the Second Place Award

Flight Training Technologies owner, Amy Labus-Olson, was awarded second place in the 2017 Coulee Region Entrepreneurial Initiative Business Plan Competition brought to you by LADCO and CenturyLink. Labus-Olson accepted this honor at the 21st Annual Industry Appreciation Breakfast held at the Radisson Center on July 12, 2017.

Currently, the most widely used method for managing, tracking and recording all flight training information for flight students in a small business flight school, flight club or with an independent certified flight instructor (CFI) is through paper records. Paper records can easily become unorganized and oftentimes records are misplaced.

Through her work as a CFI, Amy saw a need in the small business flight training industry for a paperless management system for maintaining students’ flight training records. That is how she came up with the Flight Training Technologies, a web application that provides its users with a comprehensive flight training management which is both economical and convenient for its users.

Some of its features include:

  • Calender/scheduler
  • Flight and ground curriculum with lesson setup tool
  • FAR requirements checklist
  • FAA endorsements checklist
  • Maneuvers and procedures completion chart
  • Flight training logbook
  • CFI records logbook
  • Aviation resources to customize and enhance flight training.

Learn more by visiting Amy’s website www.flighttrainingtech.com.

Congratulations Flight Training Technologies!