Dynamic Recycling is “Manufacturer of the Year”

LADCO’s most prestigious award – the Diamond Recognition Award, also known as the ‘’Manufacturer of the Year” Award, was presented to Dynamic Recycling at the 21st Annual LADCO / Coulee Bank Industry Appreciation held on July 12th at the Radisson Center. Dynamic Recycling is an electronic refurbishing, recycling, and scrapping company in Onalaska, WI. Due to Dynamic Recycling’s integrity, passion and dedication, this company looks forward to another expansion. They have plans to increase their footprint and workforce a by adding a 128,000 sf building to their location on Brice Prairie and 75-100 employees.

A key to their success is the belief in their core values. Dynamic is a stand-up business, who makes it a point that they act with integrity in all their various business operations. They make it a priority to safely and efficiently recycle electronic products. Dynamic ensures they recycle electronics in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manor. Also, Dynamic respects the security of the customers personal data, which often is left on the products themselves. They stress the idea of stewardship daily, as they guarantee the responsible planning and management of their resources. Dynamic is extremely passionate about their work, and from top to bottom expect excellence in all facets of their business. Lastly, they know their customers are the foundation of their business, and for this reason their service motto is, “Treat our customers as we would like to be treated”. These are core values that Dynamic Recycling prides themselves on, of which have allowed them to become the successful company they are today.

Congratulations to the whole Dynamic Recycling team!